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Originally Posted by BoingTennis View Post
Hi guys, I'm currently in the market for a new machine for my pro shop.

Currently I have a Victor C7027 with the Wise Head (I live in Asia). I don't have any major problems with the machine, I just want to upgrade to a better, faster, more reliable, and more accurate machine.

Seems like both the Baiardo and Star 5 are great machines. I think either one would be a great upgrade for me. At this point, the only factor I'm considering is price between them.

Does anyone know how much the Baiardo and Star5 are selling for?

Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
^^Last I checked a Star 5 is about $3,500, Baiardo is about $6,000. However, you could get a Baiardo (little bit of use) from Wilson for about $4,000.
Unfortunately these are US prices, dont think you will get that price in Asia or Europe...

Star 5 will be around: 6000$
Sensor expert: 11.000$
Yonex ES5: 9000$
Baiardo: 7600$
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