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Originally Posted by tball2day View Post
Now you are saying I am talking to/about one player (rather than "all" you accused me of before) and how the heck you tied it to a loss is nothing I can make sense of. Interesting how you take someone else's post and change it to fit what's in your angry little mind. The event is not one they really want to do. To be precise and simple for you, more than one but not all have told me this, and those players are across 4 different teams that attended this year. I will add this to what I was told last year and the year before that. Yes, some of us are out there communicating and involved. Not sitting in a land of unicorns and other make believe. Wow you are wound up dude. Thinking playing juniors is a desirable event for a college guy (compared to other things they do) shows how old and out of touch you are.
I get it you're out there taking a poll. This is great. You're going around to fall college tennis tournaments asking these players their opinions? I look forward to you posting more about all these credible fantasys you're having. I already said you win. Hiding behind your keyboard whatever you say must be true.
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