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Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
The Pro Tour 630 and Radical MP are really 95 headsize. But HEAD marketed them as being 630cm2 ( head size. That's the reality. Just like the Prestige Mid is called by HEAD 600cm2 ( headsize) but the reality it's headsize.
Like I said, folks need to get over the number on a frame. That is basically a heritage number. What I mean by that is once it's put on a model, the manufacturer doesn't change it.

And who really cares? I've seen numerous posts on here about playing "better" with a 95 than a 98. I think all that does is limit the choices and restrict one from making a positive change in equipment.

Case in point, one of my playing buddies plays with an ginourmous Prince frame. I think it's the 115 Prince Silver. Anyway, his game is unorthodox and he's in his early 60s now. He plays 4.0 and gives the younger set all they can handle. He wins more than he loses. He also can compete, especially in mixed doubles, with 4.5s.

Head size has zero to do with ability and is the wrong way to get better fundamentals.

And, if vsbabolat posts it, you can bank on it.
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