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Originally Posted by onehandbh View Post
Were these results in a age category tournament or just a practice
match? How old were Pete & Chang when these matches took place?
Some of my friends that were around them at that time told me Pete's
game was already pretty monstrous at 15.
Practices. I grew up in the same town as Pete. Went to same club to play. He was 12-15 years old. I played and hit with him often as a young kid. I was a few years older. He actually played on our high school team before he went pro. I also played Tracy Austin when I was a kid. But she was 5 or 6 years older.

I played Chang and some other future pros in practices as well as matches in cali around then. I don't remember which ones. Chang I played him I think in Irvine. A real match but Chang was also younger by a few years.

I was a good player but not pro caliber. But as a 12 year old I could beat every adult I came across pretty much around town.
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