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Originally Posted by FastFreddy View Post
My point was to show with science studies that stretching is not a warmup and does not prevent injuries and reduce doms or increase muscle pefromance. I have not seen or anyone post science that proves me wrong. Hey if u r into the stretching domga go knock yourself out.
You've been around these boards since 2008 and have not read my numerous posts on dynamic stretching vs static stretching? I've already made all the points that you have mentioned here (in your paragraph above). I don't believe that there is anyone on these boards that has advocated a dynamic warmup rather than employing static stretches prior to tennis or exercise more than I have.

However, I do see a value in pre-exercise dynamic stretching (as part of a dynamic warmup) and post-exercise static stretching. The latter supposedly has long term effects on flexibility. You appear to be saying that warming up and dynamic stretches are not really all that important. With age, it has become apparent to me that this is not so.

You might be taken more seriously if you improved your communication skills and did not go around attacking others in an effort to prove your superiority.
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