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That's a good workout and I think you have the exact right idea with your pacing. What makes it even harder is if you are running everyday of the week in addition to an interval workout like this. It really is the consistent daily running that will get you in shape. Just as you found that the 400's were easy in the beginning of this workout but became harder as you got to the last few 400's, you'll find that your overall workouts are tougher if you don't take a day (several days) to recover between workouts. In fact as you progress, some days you might do two-a-day workouts, with just an "easy" 4 miles or something added to your "regular" workout. The idea is to limit your recovery and make you stronger. That's really how you build a "base" (if you are interested in such things). everyone still pretty consistent with their running after a few months?
I agree. I try to mix this sort of thing up with running, strength work at the gym, and also plyometrics and agility exercises as well as tennis. You are dead right about it being easier to run intervals if you haven't being doing the other stuff. I don't though want to do two workouts a day. If I have the chance to take exercise twice in a day one of them will be tennis. But as you say I do find it easier to run - and four miles is about right - and then play than I did. The biggest single difference in my ability to run has come from the leg strength exercises I have done in the gym. All that said I am starting to feel all the running and tennis in my ankles and knees. I may get back on the rowing machine for a while. Variety keeps me interested.

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