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Originally Posted by PaulMan View Post
Change of plans, not going to Ft Belvoir NRMC, at least not yet - instead I started my new contract in downtown DC today. Not too bad, I guess. Taking the Orange Line into Federal Triangle from Vienna.

Good thing my company says they'll pay my Metro SmartTrip costs...$15.45 per day adds up quickly!
I thought it was only 14 bucks for an all day pass. And 28 day pass are 230 which turns out to be like 8.25 a day. Take the weeknds out and its like 11 bucks. So I could see if you are only going a3 or 4 days a week to just hook up the daily pass.

That sounds like a ton a moneythough though to ride a train. But I guess gas and time and parking costs more than that a day?

Thats why I like the country
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