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Correct, no special power techniques at all. If you want the most powerful shot possible, use acceleration and make sure your positioning is perfect, that includes your racket STRINGS" hitting the ball. Position is everything. T?he time you spend in position to hit is also important, the longer you are in that spot, the more precise and powerful you can hit.

A few tips/suggestions:

- Remap your keys or pad and make sure you have separate buttons for Regular stroke, Short stroke, Regular acceleration and Short acceleration. Short shots (both regular and acceleration) are the hardest to execute, you have to be in near perfect position. Think of it as a finishing shot that you would hit from inside the court. Use mostly regular shots and accelerations. I also took out top spin on a separate button. Ideally, you should be able to make each button on your PS3 controller hit a different shot. Hard to get accustomed to, but gives you ultimate control without potability of errors in shot selection.

- Positioning is the same for both, online or offline, so training offline is good for that. But aiming is different. Online is much more sensitive, meaning you will have to aim for less time then you do offline. Don't get put off by that, you will quickly realize that fast aiming IS better, it always you to hit better shots on the run and when you have little time to prepare.

There is more that I am probably missing now, so if you have questions, post and I will try to help.
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