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Originally Posted by mucat View Post
Anyone ready for Torchlight 2??

XCOM remake?
Ill be ready when they port Torchlight 2 over to consloe. Played the first one quite a bit on 360.

Originally Posted by fundrazer View Post
Stop with the Dark Souls mumbo jumbo. One game of Dota 2 for me is infinitely more fun than that game looks. It's a hack n slash game with practically no variety. They make such a big deal about the penalties for dying...Go look at hardcore Diablo 2. Die once and your character is finished forever. Not to mention the fact that Diablo 2 has a ton more variety with characters and item builds, as well as many more things to do.
Bought Dark Souls didnt like it that much. Not much story and I dont have the time anymore to invest to get better at it. If I didnt have a job and spent a bunch of time playing it maybe my opinion wuold be different. Not a game for casual gamers which I am now.

Its easily the hardest game Ive ever played just starting out. Most games give you a little slack at the start, not Dark Souls.
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