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Originally Posted by Big_Dangerous View Post
It doesn't say you have to offer an opinion or that if you think it's out you have to say anything. Also, the point is that when you are across the net you really don't have the best vantage point to make a call. There have been plenty of times where I've thought shots I hit were in, and yet were called out, especially along the baseline.
13. Player calls own shots out. With the exception of the first serve, a player
should call out the player’s own shots if the player clearly sees the ball out regardless of whether requested to do so by an opponent. The prime objective in making calls is accuracy. All players should cooperate to attain this objective.

As far as vantage point goes, most players would only ask for help if the opponent clearly has a better view. For example, you hit a volley crosscourt - I scramble and rip a crosscourt passing shot attempt that in the process pulls me further off the court. You get there and bunt a volley down the line. It's traveling at a slow speed and you're 7 feet away from it, standing still, and have a clear view that it lands two inches out. I'm 60 feet away, at the worst possible angle, my head is bouncing as a run back into the play.

I ask for help on the call. You say...???
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