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Original Question:
Your 1st serve was a fault, but the opponent did not clear the ball from the court and it is sitting inside the lines of play. During the point, your shot hits the ball on the court, and both balls go flying into the air. Your opponent unknowingly plays the wrong ball & hits a winner. Who's point is it?
Originally Posted by blakesq View Post
Server's point as soon as the ball hits the ball on the court. It is receiver's responsibility to clear balls on his side of the net.

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It's your point because it was his responsibility to clear the ball and he had the opportunity to, but he declined.

There's no let for that unless a ball from an adjacent court came into your court during a point in play, but in that case someone has to call a let immediately.

The answer is: You play a let (see rule 25):

Additionally, if it is clear the opponent hit the correct ball, they win the point.
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