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Originally Posted by loosegroove View Post
Yeah. I definitely realize that Chuck's and the new minimalist shoes are VERY different. I was just asking since Chucks did seem like an option for a more minimal shoe, though obviously not as an alternative for those who want the Vibram styling. I recently hit with my Chucks because I was letting my friend wear my tennnis shoes and they felt pretty good. Though I have a relatively narrow foot and they fit me perfectly.
I like the way that Chucks look, but they are much too narrow for me even to consider. I have trouble with them crushing my toes even when I go a size too long.

On the positive side, Chucks don't seem to have an elevated heel and actually seem to be zero-drop. But they are still very heavy.

I'm still hoping that a major tennis shoe company will step up to the plate and make a high-tech minimalist tennis shoe with zero-drop, durable outsole, low stiff stack height, and a light ventilated upper with a toe guard. I think it would actually sell. Especially if they kept the weight under 10oz.
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