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I'm getting mine done on the 5th. Paying $4200 but like someone else said, your eyes aren't something to cheap out on. I remember I used to see signs around town touting the lowest prices - something crazy like $499 an eye - and I just cringed lol.

The place I'm going uses the latest and best laser (intralase with wavefront something blah blah blah) and they do the pro athletes in the area. I figure they are good as I'm pretty sure the sports teams vet the doctors they use pretty good.

Everyone I talk to who has done it say they wish they had done it sooner, so I'm going for it. The worst for me is every now and then when I'm playing I'll get a drop of sweat that falls into my eye just a certain way and it makes my contact move, then I can't see for the next 30 seconds or so. No more!!

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