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Hi Pacific Lefty,

Thanks for adding your thoughts. I must admit the past month i've been looking at pretty much any information I can get on shoulder injuries and now feel much more informed about what to do and what not to do when I get into rehab and thereafter.

I urge anyone reading this topic who plays regulary to look up rotator cuff exercises and start doing them. They don't take long to to ( 2 mins on daily rotation) and could save you a serious injury down the line. Also when doing your regular exercise routine take time out and look at the proper technique for that exercise. For example I have recently found out whilst doing bench press type exercises the normal way could break down rotator cuff tendons through impingement... the video below shows a better way...

Just wondering if anyone has gone through this type of injury and back into the game has any tips about how to hit serves and other shots so there is as little stress as possible around the shoulder area.

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