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Originally Posted by tguru View Post
Sukova is being inducted alone, and is her doubles alone extraordinary? I think they are inducting her for her doubles alone, not her singles(which is in no way HOF worthy) Again this seems very weird. Unless she has contributed to the game in other ways I'm not aware of.
You do know she had a career comparable to Shriver and she did it WITHOUT MARTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And better strokes. Just how many doubles titles do you think Shriver wins without Martina? Politics.[/QUOTE]/

Helena had better strokes overall but Pam dominated her in both singles and doubles. As smart as Helena was Pam was smarter and knew how to set up points to her advantage better than almost anyone during her time. She turned having a limited game into an advantage by knowing how to force an opponent to give her a predictable and desired response.

It's unfair to punish Pam for being Martina's partner as there is more to a long term successful team than meets the eye. Martina could've chosen anyone that wasn't from a Warsaw Pact nation as a regular partner (she played a time or two with Temesvari before the wall fell) but she chose Pam.

Pam's peak years were entirely consumed by her years with Martina. Had she played with a Jordan, Sukova, Turnbull, etc. during those years I don't see why she couldn't have won a few slams even at Martina's expense. She did have a few doubles wins over Martina before, after, and I believe during her partnership with Martina.

However if Pam can make it on her doubles record (and service record) then I suppose Helena should too.

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