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Originally Posted by Mike Sams View Post
Nadal's playing up his injury. When Federer won Wimbledon and got to 17, Nadal probably lost more confidence thinking "This guy is 31 and still winning Masters and Slams and yet I'm 5 years younger and losing to a guy ranked 100!"
Yeah that was probably his thoughts...or maybe he has respect for federer's achievements just as federer has respect for nadal's achievements. Why can't federer and nadal fans just get along, I don't understand this.

I am a fan of both players, they really strengthened my interest in tennis, I've been looking at these forums for a while and the hate fans of either players throw at each other is shocking. Federer is the best tennis player no doubt about that but some federer fans are so quick to belittle nadal's achievements or rejoice when he is down and out. Yep nadal lost to Lukas Rosol who was ranked world no.100 at the time but lets not act as if he got straight setted it took rosol five sets to take nadal out, the fifth set was just something else I have never seen such power from one player in this day and age not sure if we will see that again for sometime, rosol deserved that win, he played great. Yet some fans are quick to bring up the loss even if it isn't related to anything at all.
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