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Originally Posted by NJ1 View Post
No, I was just trying to be helpful in recommending tennis shoe with a lower heel than the B'cades, CBs, Wilsons, Princes et al. The 2k11 and Propulse3 are lower than most, but I suppose still too high for what you are after.
Thanks for the advice. I wear Yonex 304s now because I love the last shape, but they most likely have a higher stack height than the 2k11s. The 304s also have an elevated heel, and are overly cushioned in my opinion. It seems that cushioning sells as a lot of people are convinced the extra cushioning is protecting their joints, even though some studies are suggesting higher torque on joints from more cushioning.

While the 2k11s are on the right track, I'd like Nike or someone to step up and take the concept further by sticking with a durable outsole, but dropping the cushioning and stack height to a minimum. They could sell them as a game-day shoe that reduces ankle risk.
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