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Originally Posted by RF20Lennon View Post
There were rallies nadal just got outhit and in the 90's it was usually servefests so that's not tennis??
To be honest I prefer matches were there is a balance so its not just all serve or just all rallies (if that makes sense). 90s tennis was great, I do try to find some on Youtube when I have the time becuase it seem so different to the tennis of today but I appreciate the tennis we have now.

Rosol played the match of his life there was nothing nadal could do about that. He got outhit due to the many short balls he left on the court and right into rosol's strike zone and also the belief Rosol had in his own game that day. Many say this loss is the most embarrassing loss nadal has had, to me the only embarrassing thing was Rosol's ranking other than that he played as if he was in the Top 10 so as a fan I'm not to dissappointed.
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