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Just wondering if anyone has gone through this type of injury and back into the game has any tips about how to hit serves and other shots so there is as little stress as possible around the shoulder area.
The best thing that I have found by far is the Todd Ellenbecker video with the link in reply #9.

Ellenbecker also has some books

Complete Conditioning for Tennis I have, excellent book with targeted conditioning for tennis.

Effective Functional Progression in Sports Rehabilitation- I have, excellent book with many insightful discussions and clear descriptions.

Shoulder Rehabiliation Non-Operative Treatment
- do not diagnosis & treat yourself.

You need to take videos of your serve especially from behind to know for certain what you are doing. This is especially important regarding the shoulder orientation & impingement issue described at minute 8 in the Ellenbecker video (Reply #9). I see many players who don't orient their shoulders correctly for a proper serve - they are doing their own thing.......... Smartphones are not good high speed video cameras but they can catch the orientation of your shoulders which is relatively slow.

I tore my RC, I believe, from exercises in the gym. I think that external shoulder rotations with too much weight on the pulley may have contributed, but I don't know. Later, I read that external shoulder rotations should not be done with heavy weights. Fortunately, it was my non-tennis shoulder and I could play. Give the gym exercises as much attention as tennis.

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