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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
That's understandable.

OTOH, I have seen many players quickly improve by playing 0.5 level above their rating.

This rule would give them less opportunity to do that.
Although I don't enjoy playing lower rated players, I agree that it's an opportunity for them to improve. And there are some lower rated players that are close to the next level and are competetive there. That's why I think the rule is reasonable - it still allows some room for lower rated players on a team (25%), whilst ensuring that most matches will be competitive.

Actually I would do it differently: I would grant automatic appeals to anyone wanting to appeal up. And then I would not allow playing up *at all*. So if for example a 4.0 thought he could be competitive at 4.5 (or improve to be competitive) and wanted to play at that level, he could appeal up and get a 4.5 rating, and then would be able to play on 4.5 teams without restriction.
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