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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
Thanks for the advice. I wear Yonex 304s now because I love the last shape, but they most likely have a higher stack height than the 2k11s. The 304s also have an elevated heel, and are overly cushioned in my opinion. It seems that cushioning sells as a lot of people are convinced the extra cushioning is protecting their joints, even though some studies are suggesting higher torque on joints from more cushioning.

While the 2k11s are on the right track, I'd like Nike or someone to step up and take the concept further by sticking with a durable outsole, but dropping the cushioning and stack height to a minimum. They could sell them as a game-day shoe that reduces ankle risk.
I hear you re too much padding. I like cushioning to be really firm on all shoe types, I have a pair of casual (I know we're talking sports but as an aside) Feiyue's and they are too squidgy and give me back pain so I stick with Cons (which are *just* wide enough for me). This is also the case with seats (this may be even more off topic), my butt will ache within 45 mins if I'm on a squidgy movie seat but put me in a car with firm leather sports seats and I'm comfy for hours. All of this said, the 304s do sound like a nice shoe overall.

I wonder how much lower they'll be able to get the heels without losing absorption. Zoom is supposed to be their lowest ride for Nike, but hopefully all the companies are looking to work in new tech that will offer an even better compromise. I would like that but would still probably stick with tank-like Barricades as they're the only shoes I can get to last me 3 months thanks to a toe drag on my 2hbh I just can't quit.
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