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Yeah its pretty much how its gone so far....

first appointment treatment 2 weeks rest and ibuprofin
Second oppointment -> more 2 rest weeks and NSAIDs

then referal to physio if things dont improve. I guess this is the way its done on the NHS.

I've been studying the various vids by doctors on youtube and the tests they do are much more stringent as to try and pinpoint the pain and then diagnosis. I don't feel my GP was taking much notice of my condition if i'm being frank. I think its probably do to lack of specialist understanding of this type of injury.

I'm awaiting the physiotherapist appointment and just hope he/she will have a better understanding of this type of injury and at least let me know exactly which tendon/muscle is the problem. I still have no idea which it is as its a dull pain around the top of the humerous.
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