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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
The only think that is dead is the sound which is making you think there is a difference, but it is your imagination that makes you think it play differently.
I don't think so. I started using the Youtek Ig Prestige Mid at the end of february (after having used the ag100 since 2007) and I had to stop using a dampener, because I couldn't play effectively with it
It's a fact that I had to get used to the heavier frame at the beginning, but it's even a fact that I was able to hit the ball effectively without a dampener. The impact was very confortable with a dampener, but the results in play were very poor. Even a rubber band gave me problems
So I decided to lower the string tension, removing the dampener and now I play a lot better than before, when I used the ag100: the added weight and denser strings pattern really suit my game
Head Prestige Youtek Ig MidPlus (leather grip + overgrip; full poly at 21/20kg)
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