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Originally Posted by shaneno View Post
i play with the wilson BLX prostaff 90, and i try other head size from other brands and hated them. the reason i play with 90 is not because federer play with it. it because i love the feel and maneuverability of this racket and bigger headsize lack that to me. personally opinion here! SO!

Yes! Federer the only one who play with 90 head size but if you look t the other top 9 there sponsored by babolat,prince,head and yonex basically. Those brands don't have under 95 but for the head prestige mid 93 and the yonex tour 89. So player who get sponsored by those brands have to chose a racket that suitting to there game, but if there isn't one the company will customize it. plus most players today play with semi-western or western bigger head size for them is better. 100 head best for western i find.
You make a very good point about the grip's relationship to the racquet. Weight also factors into this as well.

Western grips require vigorous upwards wrist action. This means that the bigger head size will lower the risk of off center hits and shanks. Weight needs to be lower because the upward acceleration requires immense wrist strength.

Conservative grips on the other hand are favorable to smaller head sizes and higher weights because of the stability, control, and less power for flatter shots.

Using a flat shot on a >100" racquet will result in loss of control and racquet instability and a heavy topspin shot will be shanked or hit off center with a <95" racquet.

BUT THAT'S ONLY MY OPINION AND A GENERALIZATION. If you can pull it off, props to you.
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