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Originally Posted by I Heart Thomas Muster View Post
I hit with a TGK 238.4 this weekend modified with silicone and lead and I was very underwhelmed. Admittedly my expectations might have been a bit high as I was expecting a ton of plow through and a smooth feel. It's my friend's racquet and I haven't put it on the Tuning Center yet to get the specs but after about ten minutes I went back to my YT Rad Pros which felt much more stable and soft. The pro stock had a tinny feel and was more harsh feeling than my Rad Pros.

I am unfamiliar with all the codes and the playing characteristics they designate so maybe the TGK 238.4 is a stiffer pro stock which doesn't work well for me.
TGK238.4 is just a Pro Stock YT Prestige MP. Your description is how the retail YT Prestige MP plays. They are not magic wands!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and YT Radical Pro is softer than the YT Prestige MP.
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