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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
Hey all, played in an "non sanctioned" Open tournament this weekend, and due to time constraints we played 1 set matches, first to 8 and tie breaks at 7-7. This was the first time I've played a match in setting such as these (and for those wondering, I lost miserably in the quarters, 8-0 LOL! At least it was to the eventual champ!) I had a really tough time adjusting to playing a single set, yet alone one to 8.

Is this a common for some of you folks? Mostly I play best of 3, 6 games a set. I definitely look forward to trying it again, but it just seemed really different. Pretty much everyone else there were echoing my thoughts of not having played this style before.

If you have played this way, do you prefer it over standard matches? If so, why?

Thanks all!


The format will do a good job of figuring out who the better player is that day, that is, it will likely not change the outcome of the matches. But half of the paying customers will be eliminated in the first round and would usually like to play a bit more tennis for their entrance fee, so it is a big downer for them.

For those who are playing both singles and doubles (very few in my experience) it will be a positive.
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