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Originally Posted by dlam View Post
I discovered there are some shot tendencies I like on rally points depending if a serving or return game.
I find that during points that involve me staring the point by serving I like to run around my backhand every chance I can get and I like to play baseline game. Serve and rally.
Howerver whenever it's a return game for me, after my returns my strategy is to try to get to the net when I have the opportunity. I dont like to run back and around my backhand. I usually have to stay back and rally if someone has a really good serve. but if I can I like to Slice/Chip/Drive/Dice and Charge the net.

Any else differ their rally strategy depending on serve/return games?

for whatever reason I dont like the serve and volley combo.

I can understand the decision to shorten points on return games (by charging the net) if you are behind in those rallys because of trouble returning serves and being behind in the game itself because of service winners. This would be especially true if your groundies are a touch dicey. It certainly is not a ticet to a break, but you only need one break perset and perhaps he'll dump a passing shot in the net and another wide, and BINGO.
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