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Can't think of one in a major final. But to be fair Laver did beat Newcombe in some really big five set matches like in the 1971 Tennis Champions Classic.

Now are you only counting finals? Tom Okker beat Newcombe in five sets at the French Open in 1969. Okker lost in the next round in four sets to that man again, Laver. Roche beat Newk at the Australian in 1969 in the quarters in five sets only to lose to...guess who--Laver in five sets.

Still you're right Newcombe was great in five set matches. He seemed to beat Smith all the time in big five set matches like at Wimbledon and the 1973 Davis Cup final. Some have said that Newk would be their choice to play for their life in a single match.
Playing Roche was totally different from playing anybody else.Roche won their 68 W semi and their 69 USO semi but lost their 69 W semi and their AO 75 semi
Laver never played a major 5 setter vs Newk but won their only big meeting ever in four sets at the 69 Wimbly final
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