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Unfortunately, I probably don't develop as strong a strategy in my tennis game as I should. "Winning Ugly" was a great read and I felt helped improve my tactics. In hindsight, I got a fair amount of coaching growing up, but it was nearly all about strokes, and almost totally lacking in strategy or game play.

That said, my general attitude and approach does vary, perhaps even significantly between serve and return. I have a strong serve that can get me out of a jam quite often. If I'm serving at 0-30, I don't typically feel a lot of pressure. Sure, I buckle down and focus more on hitting a tough serve, but I tend to play pretty freely on serve and don't lose many service games.

On return, I'm all about trying to create tension. I feel like if I can win the first point, I can start to pressure the server. If I can get up 30-0 on the server, I have a really strong chance at going up 40-0. I'll grind a bit more at 30-0 or 30-15 trying to force a UE, or just as well, a nice short ball that they cough up. Most servers I face play very tentatively down 30-0 or 30-15. I try to put a few more balls in play to give them a chance to think about the prospects of having to defend a break point.

Once up 40-0 or 40-15, I go brain dead. Can't tell you how many times I've failed to convert a break opportunity at that point. That's probably one of my biggest obstacles I need to work on.
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