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Originally Posted by Fusker View Post
I agree. I put it here based on my experience, and the subsequent commentary seems to unfortunately justify its existence here. OrangePower's approach should be such common sense that it still blows me away that folks I've played don't get it.

In matches when I've called my own ball out, I do sometimes get guys that will later on ask me how I saw something they were uncertain of because they know that I'll do my best to help and call it fairly. The call will either be "in", "out", "no view" or "too close". Three out of those four options still mean "in" and in those cases, guys appreciate my feedback and we move on. It's too bad this doesn't seem to be the norm in my experience.
Sadly, many players do not know their opponent is entitled to ask their opinion on line calls. When asked, these players do not simply state their opinion. They get all up in your grill, taking umbrage at the fact that you asked for help on a line call that is your responsibility.

They probably also return obviously out faults. There is nothing to be done for these people.

:sigh :
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