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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
Are your tennis shoes too big/wide for you?

As long as your shoes are the right size, you then need to get the laces tighter.

Start pulling the laces tight near the toe of the shoe, and pull them tighter working your way up to the shoe opening.

Tie them tight and tie a double knot.

After your warmup, you will find the shoes have loosened somewhat. Retie them tighter.

After a while, they may again feel too loose.
Tie them tighter again.
Width is regular, but length is 1/4 size bigger as my feet are little over 9 and I use 9.5.

Hmm...sometime back my doubles partner (who's close to 5.0 and played much longer than me) suggested that I always buy a minimum of 1/2 size bigger and not tie my laces too hard as the feet be able to move/slide in case of a hard stop, otherwise my toes will get crushed if there is no room to move
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