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Default Finances for Teams Going to Nationals

Since the various National Championships are right around the corner, it got me thinking, what kind of financial assistance do Districts and/or Sections give to their teams that have qualified?

It seems like they would help out some since there's only two teams (men and women) per Section per rating level. I can't imagine any individual District having more than a couple of teams qualify either.

Is the amount each District/Section gives to their teams standard or does it vary? How much is typical? Team entry fees are what, like $500? If a team is taking say 10 guys and you account for 10 plane tickets, 3 nights per person at a hotel, and rental cars then I am sure the costs can get pretty high. It'd be nice if each team got at least a few hundred bucks per person or maybe either their airfare or hotels reimbursed but I highly doubt that is the case.

Wouldn't it be a nice reward for Sectional Champions to have at least 50% of their trip covered? I bet the USTA could afford it.
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