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Originally Posted by mrmike View Post
Chris, I am surprised you don't have any difficulty switching back and forth between the 18x20 Prestige MP and the 16x19 C10 Pro. I previously used the C10 pro for over 1.5 years and really loved the weight, balance, and feel, but one thing I had trouble with was accuracy. I guess it depends on your style. Since I hit pretty flat and go for the corners it seems like the C10 was just a little tougher to thread the needle than with the Prestige. Both are great frames though and the comfort of the C10 is definitely a big selling point for me. I wish Volkl would make an 18x20 C10 Pro - I would jump all over that in a heartbeat
I have a plus 5lbs bump in tension for the C10 Pro over the Prestige MP which helps level the playing field in regards to control. If I string the C10 Pro at 52lbs like I do with the Prestige, then the ball will tend to fly on me. I also tend to favor a deader poly in the C10 Pro to further help with control and find the racquet is more than comfortable enough to handle it. One of the reasons I've been hitting the C10 Pro is because I have been doing a lot of string testing and find that stick somewhat string sensitive, which helps. I love the feel of the C10 Pro, and agree an 18x20 pattern would be very interesting.

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