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I know when I break out my max 200G with its 83.5 inch head I can hit my slice backhand with an accuracy I never hope for with my more modern but still pretty old school Prestige MP (less good for topspin). I use the 200G for hitting against the wall because it sharpens my preparation... perhaps people who play with the smaller head sizes prefer the way it makes them focus? I know when I was playing 100 or 98's 3 years agoI wasn't as good as I am now with the 95's because there was this accuracy and mental sharpening that I need. I only play 2-3 times a week. Also, Ive been playing for 38 years so everything that isnt wood seems huge.

I might grab a prestige mid some day... because lately Ive been serve and volleying (which surprises me).

Smaller head sizes change the way you play the game.
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