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Listen guys, I really do read my posts and I am sorry if I do not get them at first. I'm sorry I can not be as good as you guys. This was just an idea that I was messing around with. I just came up with it today and I wanted to know what you guys thought of it, That's all!

Irvin, In other posts that I have made, I said that I have a small clientel. I string anywhere from 4-8 racquets a day, depending on the day. So yes, I have strung many racquets before, and I am not trying to do this just to get posts. When I learned stringing, I was only tought two-piece stringing. Not one-piece, not ATW patterns. Only a few years ago did I learn these patterns. Same with starting mains, I only learned a few years ago about all the different ways to start mains. Now I string many racquets daily like I said before, and all of my clients have no compaints what so ever. Many of them being tounament players.
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