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Originally Posted by RF20Lennon View Post
First off I dislike nadal. Secondly the 8 consecutive Monte Carlo speaks for itself and who's fault is it that Borg skipped RG's??
Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Since he is. Nadal's record on clay eclipses Borg in everyway now. There is no debate, except amongst a few extreme blind Nadal haters. If Rosewall was properly recognized for his career people would be debating who is the 2nd best on clay between Borg and Rosewall right now. The end.
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Borg only skipped the 77 French amongst years he was truly an active player. It was his choice to skip it. Evert would have about 25 slams today if she played the Australian and French through the 70s, perhaps she should be crowned the female GOAT by your logic. The previous year Borg played the French and lost to Panatta anyway, so who knows for sure what happens if he plays.

Connors was barred from the 74 French. He did not choose to skip it, he was deprived the chance. One wants to play what if Connors probably would have won it by beating Borg that year. Borg was so far his beetch at the time even beating Connors on red clay would have been nearly impossible, especialy with how easily Connors beat an improved Borg on green clay at the U.S Open next year (and yes I know green is very different from red, but even considering that). Even in 75 Connors probably would have had a real shot of beating Borg.
You fail to understand something: French Open was not nearly as significant as it was now. That is however the reason why people consider Nadal the "undisputed greatest CC ever". Seems a bit daft to me.

And yes, what you say about Evert is true. Modern players such as Graf and Serena are very overrated (Serena even more so) because of their GS prowess. Martina and Chrissie managed to rack the slams up without even trying to win them at every opportunity. That's why I laugh at the notion of Graf being the GOAT because of her 22 majors. (the Parche issue aside)

Likewise, it is laughable to look down on modern players because they are inferior in TOTAL title count. Different standards.
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