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You fail to understand something: French Open was not nearly as significant as it was now. That is however the reason why people consider Nadal the "undisputed greatest CC ever". Seems a bit daft to me.

And yes, what you say about Evert is true. Modern players such as Graf and Serena are very overrated (Serena even more so) because of their GS prowess. Martina and Chrissie managed to rack the slams up without even trying to win them at every opportunity. That's why I laugh at the notion of Graf being the GOAT because of her 22 majors. (the Parche issue aside)

Likewise, it is laughable to look down on modern players because they are inferior in TOTAL title count. Different standards.
Navratilova did try to win every GS she could. When she skipped the French it was because she was back then a bit of a mug on clay anyway. Even the Australians she skipped were while she was losing to 33 year old Court and Stove at Wimbledon, so if we presume everyone playing (including Evert as well) she still doesnt win any of them probably the years she didnt play them, or maybe 1 in the later 70s at most.

Yes I agree Evert is way underrated in a historical sense, and missed out on alot of extra slams at the French and Australian because of what you said, but I think she is automaticaly pulled down by people due to her dominance at the hands of Navratilova in the 80s when perceived (rightly or wrongly) to still be close to her best. Even winning many more slams wouldnt have helped her much in peoples eyes I suspect. Navratilova put the nail in Evert's would be GOAT coffin with her ownage of Evert for a 2-3 year period which was just too overwhelming and emphatic for people to ignore or ever think Evert could be better than Navratilova regardless of stats. Graf was lucky as heck with the stabbing, but as far as perception of being dominated in a head to head sense she never suffered dominance at the hands of Seles even approaching the same stratosphere as what Evert was dealt by Navratilova from 82-early 85, heck Federer suffered worse ownage at the hands of Nadal by a long ways than Graf at the hands of Seles, yet still far below what Evert suffered at the hands of Evert.

OK so the French wasnt the be all and end all back then, so what was for clay court tennis according to you. Every major venue that existed both then and now Nadal is ahead of Borg, Monte Carlo titles, Rome titles, French Open titles, Hamburg titles. Borg's edge is what exactly. It simply doesnt exist. Borg failed to win a single U.S Open in 3 years close to his prime it was held on clay, even if it was green clay, losing to Connors twice. That doesnt help him in comparision to Nadal either.

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