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Default Stats for Hoad-Trabert (1953 Davis Cup)

I have found a wealth of stats on this famous match, including service percentages, break points, winners, errors and rally lengths. The Sydney Morning Herald provided them as part of a full-page spread in their paper, with Adrian Quist writing the main report:

Hoad d. Trabert 13-11, 6-3, 2-6, 3-6, 7-5
Powerful services and volleying were features of the Lewis Hoad–Tony Trabert Davis Cup match.

This type of play was so consistent that there were only six rallies in the 62 games of the five sets. The longest rally had only seven strokes.

For the type of game played both required the maximum stamina and speed around the court.

Trabert was more accurate with his first services and, though Hoad served 11 aces to six, the American had a far greater percentage of successful first services.

Hoad had 210 services. He faulted 96 times on the first service.
[A service percentage of 54.3%].

Trabert served 180 times and got 124 first services into the court.
[A service percentage of 68.9%].

The figures show that, because of his greater accuracy, Trabert had less trouble in holding his services than Hoad.

It was often only Hoad’s amazing ability to pull out a clean ace or a perfect placement which got him out of serious trouble.

During the match he saved nine game points, mainly with aces or strong serves.
These "nine game points" are a reference to break points. Hoad saved 9 of 12 break points, Trabert 6 of 9.

In the first two sets Hoad saved 7 of 7 break points, and won both sets. In the next two sets he saved only 1 of 4 breakers. In the fifth set he saved the only break point he faced: at 1-all, in a game that went to three deuces.

Stats from Frank Tierney's article:
Hoad admitted to being nervous at the start, though by the way in which he went into the game this was not apparent.

He also confessed to being “a little worried” at the end of the fourth set.

“Tony was playing well at that stage and I was having some serving worries,” he said.

Hoad’s statement on “service worries” was bound up with his inability to get his big service functioning well enough to keep Trabert defending on the service.

In the fourth set, Hoad, in his four deliveries, served 28 balls but only got 12 first ones in.
[A service percentage of 42.9%].

He did better in the fifth set, and showed that he was in touch with powerful first services in the ninth and eleventh games when he kept Trabert back to take bullet-like deliveries.
A Stroke Analysis was given as well:
Hoad had 11 aces, 9 double-faults, 78 winners, 66 outs, 64 nets.
Trabert had 6 aces, 4 double-faults, 63 winners, 68 outs, 44 nets.
The heavy coverage devoted to this tie shows what a huge event Davis Cup was back then. I am very surprised to see service percentages calculated in a match this old; and I never expected to see rally lengths given. The statisticians and journalists went all out on this.

By contrast I have not been able to find very many stats for the 1986 Davis Cup final (Australia d. Sweden) -- to give just one example of how Davis Cup has declined in prestige.

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