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Well his clay records speak for themselves. No one is breaking them.. At least any time soon. But there were guys comparable to Nadal on clay. Guys like Guga, Rosewall or Borg and perhaps a few others which could hold their own vs. Nadal.

And this era hasn't exactly produced NEAR the talent on clay that some past eras did.

Nole and Roger are probably the two other best clay courters of the 00's-present.

Taking nothing away from those guys.. They are good clay court players. But not GREAT
I agree Nadal's clay court era wasnt one of the best, but neither was Borg's. Other than his pigeon and the Mickey Mouse event horder Vilas who was his big competition? Eddie Dibbs, Ramirez, Harold Solomon, please. Panatta, a serve and volleyer, was by far his toughest opponent on clay, along with Connors I guess who isnt even a clay courter either. Federer and Djokovic alone are already sufficient to make tougher competition than that whole group combined. The guys who faced tougher clay court competition are all guys who won alot less- Lendl, Wilander, Kuerten.
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