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Default Longest Lasting Non-Gut Control...

I really want to like synthetic gut, but as I play the string more and more - PSGO, OGSM - I find that the control and feel go south a little more than half way through the life of the string. Apparently, I'm more sensitive to it now than I was years ago.

It's more noticeable than poly, because most poly strings I play with, even in hybrid form, don't have a drop off in control as they lose their resiliency.

Not to belabor the point too long, is there something out there, ideally a synthetic gut I haven't played yet, that will give me the tension maintenance and crisp feel of the synthetics mentioned above, with life that lasts until breaking? I know natural gut may do that, but I'd rather cut out my synthetic than shell out for the real thing.

For the record, I hate the feel of PSGD - they ruined that string with the kevlar (pretty sure that's what the Duraflex is...), and I'm trying to avoid the "plasticky" feel of most polys.
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