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Originally Posted by Talker View Post
I ranked Nadal as the best ever on clay after the 2008 clay season, he had 4 RG's then.

There wasn't anyone that ever lived that could beat him there.
Hyperbole my friend.

I reckon the Brazilian at his best would have good chances.

Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
If Nadal isn't the clay GOAT in terms of achievements, who is? Nadal has won more times on clay at the French Open, Monte Carlo and Rome than anybody else in the history of the sport.

Nadal's career win-loss record on clay is 254-19 (a 93.04 winning percentage)
Nadal's win-loss record on clay since the start of 2005 is 228-9 (a 96.20 winning percentage)
Nadal's win-loss record on clay since the 11th April 2005 is 214-7 (a 96.83 winning percentage)

It's simply staggering that Nadal had a career win-loss record of 40-12 on the 11th April 2005, and now it's 254-19.
Nadal IS the clay GOAT. Borg was however too dominant and too good to not be mentioned in the same sentence. He was basically Nadal in the past, if not marginally inferior.
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