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Funny Thing is if it wasnt for Rafa Fed wouldve been the clay GOAT LOL but yes Rafa is the clay GOAT
Unlikely. He would probably have 5 French Open titles (I am guessing 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2011) but would not have anywhere near the dominance on clay in general that someone like Borg has. Even in his prime years Federer was losing on clay to old Costa, old Kuerten, Volandri, and others. He would not compile stats like 8 Monte Carlo titles or anything approaching that on clay even without Nadal. He would rank higher than he does currently on clay but not GOAT. Borg would be the undisputed clay GOAT to people without Nadal, even if Rosewall really should rank up with him but isnt perceived that way by people for whatever reason.
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