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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I definitely think Djokovic would have beaten Federer in 2008. Djokovic played better tennis than Federer at every clay event that year both were in minus Monte Carlo. Federer wasnt even playing well at that years French either, he struggled to get past Monfils and of course was brutally raped by Nadal in the final, eating bakery products all day long. If we want to get objective and just go with the losing finalist each time though that would be Puerta in 2005 and Federer in 2008, but subjectively speaking most would say Federer in 2005 and Djokovic in 2008 are the winners those years instead. So either way it is 5. No the clay resume you posted would not eclipse Borg by a long ways. Federer even without Nadal is still no Nadal on clay.
ofcourse not by no means!! But he would have results comparable to the great Borg! Also Highly doubt Djokovic wouldve beaten fed! Fed beat him in monte carlo the only time they met on clay that year and even though Djokovic retired in that match Pretty sure Fed wouldve won. But again it was just a statement its not like it ever happened anyway.
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