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Default Best F1 driver right now- Vettel or Alonso

There seems to be some debate amongst F1 fans who is the best current F1 driver Sebastien Vettel or Fernando Alonso. They are the only current multi World Driving Champions. Vettel has won the last 2 World Championships but he has naysayers who say he only won due to a perceived vastly superior car. Alonso has made due with a car generally regarded as inferior to not only Red Bull but even McLaren the last 2 years, and despite that has been ahead of many of their drivers the last 2 years, and very nearly won the World Championship in 2010. This year the 3 cars seem closer than previous, even with most in the know still thinking Ferrari is probably the slowest of the 3, and Alonso is leading the World Championship over Vettel.

So who do you consider the best F1 driver, Alonso or Vettel. The thing is I dont think there is anyone who regards Alonso as any less than 2nd best behind Vettel. Nobody views him as inferior to any of Hamilton, Button, Webber, Rosberg. Meanwhile Vettel has people who consider him the best but people who consider him down as low as 4th or 5th best, and people who consider him not only inferior to Alonso but some of Hamilton, Button, Weber, Rosberg, Raikkonen, as well.
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