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Have one of his actual sticks in my hand. Liquidmetal pj, just has 'Head' on the sides of the throat and 'Liquidemetal' on one side of the head and 'Head' on the other along with fake liquidmetal ridges. I have to say that I think the liquidmetal pj's (I've had pt10's and pt57e's) with the fake ridges are amongst the coolest Head paintjobbed racquets, love them! I thought this one was especially interesting as there was no model mentioned on the pj. The is just A.A. on the inside of the throat. Seems to have a blacked out in the centre Yonex buttcap?

Strung it up with full RPM Team at 58lbs, taking it for a hit shortly.. It weighs 376 strung with 2 over grips (I put one over the top) and a dampener. I think the owner may have taken some weight out to make it more playable. Balance is about 31.5 so it isn't ridiculous to think of playing with it, certainly will be very careful with low balls though..

I'll see if I can flex it on Saturday morning, will let you know..
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