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Default A few Observations

Originally Posted by janm View Post
Yeah its pretty much how its gone so far....

first appointment treatment 2 weeks rest and ibuprofin
Second oppointment -> more 2 rest weeks and NSAIDs

then referal to physio if things dont improve. I guess this is the way its done on the NHS.
Hey JanM, I'm glad you are starting to get more information. I went through the same thing. Just a few quick observations:

My GP (I went to two) had absolutely no idea how to diagnose my problem. He advised rest and a cortisone injection straight away. I really had to persist when the problem wouldn't go away, and became worse. Interestingly enough, the first Physiotherapist I saw, who trained in Limerick with rugby players and their injuries, pinpointed exactly what the problem was (which was confirmed later by MRI as supraspinatus inflammation and impingement). I would say, based on experience, stay away from cortisone. Rest and NSAID's sounds like a good start before rehab. And make sure that rehab exercises are pain free.

Another thing, one of the worst things I did, when I thought I had improvement, was go back to the gym, and follow a program designed by a totally non-expert exercise advisor there. The best programs I have followed for rehab have always been guided by my physio.

Finally, I noticed last night, during a club night session, the serve advice I got from a new coach was brilliant. I played two sets and served well, tossing the ball way more in front than I used to, and not as high as I used to, and experienced no pain at all. I even hit an overhead and there were no repercussions!!!

I am doing a Pilates course which my PT teaches, and I feel that working on core strength has really helped in serving and in remembering postural advice important for back and shoulder muscles.

Best of luck on the road to recovery, remember, patience is really important.
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