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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
Please clarify.

Did you conclude he was setting you up for a scam or do you think he has those shirts but was using your friend's pictures as representative?

I assume he is a kid. Total *********.

Also if anyone does a search for born to play it will come up that the search terms are too short/ no result. A flaw in the search system?
He admitted that he never intended to sell any shirts to me. It was his leverage to try and get me to sell some shoes to him which I refused on several occasions. And then following the admission, he tried to tell me that the person who owns the photos (friend of mine) is going to sell the shirts to him but at a higher price. He clearly doesn't mind beating a dead horse.

I know for a fact that most of the shirts in the pics have already been sold before. And I own one of them myself. This is also highly disrespectful to my friend who has been brought into it once 'Born to play' mentioned that my friend would sell the shirts to him after all.

You can find the users profile if a user search is done. Email proof can be provided if there is a dispute. I dodged a serious bullet here.
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