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Originally Posted by Valjean View Post
1. When a string dies before it breaks, the gauge or string is too thick/strong for your play. When you decide on a thinner gauge, and the two coincide more, you might still feel you need more play out of your string due to earlier breakage then. But at least it should help defeat the annoyance you're experiencing now.

2. If PSGD annoys you, there is still Prince's Original Synthetic Gut to go back to.

3. You might find you like Babolat's N.vy, which is what's known as a premium synthetic gut. This is when one should feel remorse that Gosen's Jim Courier string is no longer available...
Thanks for point 1. It is 16 gauge string I'm having the problem with. I may have to return to 17 gauge, though I like the lower power and firmer feel of the 16. Food for thought, at least.

Point 2 - I'm using PSGO - it's one of the strings I'm trying to replace.

Point 3 - preaching to the choir there. I liked that string. Sad that Gosen doesn't make it anymore. I may indeed experiment with more premium synthetic guts...
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