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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
While I do appreciate the compliment it is somewhat irrelevant. I'm trying to go back to the "3.0's cant serve 100 mph" which people were so hastily to agree with. I'm an NTRP 3.0 computer rated player, as i've explained before the account is legit. I do agree with you, my abilities are top tier 3.5 at least, or mid range 4.0 at this point. I have only lost twice in 7.0 mixed doubles playing with a 4.0 girl as a 3.0 guy.

After I made my Youtube channel available to the people of TT, they had to start playing other angles because its clear from the video that I have the potential to actually prove them wrong.

Then it was...

-I dont know what 100 mph looks like.
So I offered FPS speed measuring of a small clip of my serves. Wasnt good enough.

Then it was...

-That power is useless unless it goes in most of the time.
Which I agreed to, but already explained im building a solid second serve before I work on the hard flat one.

Then it was...

-110 outwide because I made a comment about how I dont doubt that on a good strike it can be 110.
They forgot all about the "stipulations"

And now its...

120 out wide, 70% of the time all the time or else its useless.

All I was trying to illustrate is we've come so far since...

"3.0's cant hit 100 mph"
No, we are still at "3.0s can't hit 100 mph". You're still using yourself as the example and you are under rated.

Relatively few 3.5s are going to nip 100mph on a gun. Maybe 10% of 4.0s can would be my guess and about 1/2 at 4.5 do from my experience.

My point is that a 100 mph serve is a weapon that moves people up the ranks...because lower level players have minimal chance of successfully returning it.
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