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Originally Posted by Chillaxer View Post
Why is Murray so obviously that much better than Roddick, according to people. Consistency in more minor tournaments? I'm sorry, but he isn't a naturally great tennis player, or even a better one than Roddick. He has capitalised on the field waning, when Roddick won with folks at their best. He also pushed Federer all the way at damn near Fed's prime, at Wimbledon 2009, and made successive finals against him there.
OK - I just went for Roddick in this poll, but your statement in bold is utter tripe.

Roddick's record against Federer is ****poor. Murray has a winning head to head. Roddick's record against Murray is p1sspoor too.

As for Murray capitalising on the field waning - are you having a laugh? Need I remind you that Roddick beat the mighty Juan Carlos Ferrero to win his one and only slam?

Finally, 2009 was not 'prime Fed' - he won only 4 titles that year - one of his worst years since entering the the top 5. He won >10 titles in 04,05,and 06 - about the same time he was utterly owning ARod.
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